ISL Web Services enable you seamlessly exchange data over internet on any plateform although written in different languages suited in from large to small business... Read More


ISL introducing a brand new MVC framework for the developer. We are the first in Bangladesh developing and using our own framework for secured and effective web application development.


First ever online certification program. We are the first to provide online certification in the country.

Web Services

ISL Web Services enable you seamlessly exchange data over internet on any plateform although written in different languages suited in from large to small business...

Web services are software components that communicate using pervasive,standards-based Web technologies including HTTP and XML-based messaging. Web services are designed to be accessed by other applications and vary in complexity from simple operations, such as checking a banking account balance online, to complex processes running CRM (customer relationship management) or enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. Since they are based on open standards such as HTTP and XML-based protocols including SOAP and WSDL, Web services are hardware, programming language, and operating system independent. This means that applications written in different programming languages and running on different platforms can seamlessly exchange data over intranets or the Internet using Web services.

Top Level Objectives

ISL's SOA Center of Excellence provides proven solutions for your business. Businesses need practical, reliable and fast acting capabilities to tackle the risks and opportunities exposed by rapid change. SOA can deliver infrastructure that facilitates an upside in this chaotic business environment. Traditional SOA implementations are too lengthy to show rapid returns and are being abandoned due to budget constraints. The ISL methodology focuses on rapid delivery of agile, service-oriented solutions, with measurable results and business-aligned outcomes. Let us show you how to you can realize near immediate ROI ( Return on Investment) with ISL's innovative approach.

Solution and Innovation

As today's companies are seeking new, cost efficient solutions, ISL's SOA Center of Excellence is leveraging its expertise by providing a comprehensive suite of easy-to-use software products that enable access to an array of disparate data sources. ISL is an Oracle Certified Advantage Partner in both technology and applications. We take pride in helping companies develop successful business solutions through understanding and the use of advancing technology.

With years of real world experience and an unequaled database, tools and applications expertise, we will work to meet and exceed your functional, technical and business requirements. Our teams of expert consultants use their experience and knowledge to ensure successful implementations in all of our core service areas.


The SOA Center of Excellence is continuously advancing its products to provide the simplest and most efficient ways to meet our customers' needs. Not only is our technology state of the art, but we pride ourselves on creating true partnerships with each company. ISL recognizes that customer satisfaction is the critical asset that sets us apart as an industry leader. Whether it's a phone call for technical advice, an executive planning a meeting or a cooperative effort across the company, our customers are supported by our entire team, even after the project is completed.

Benefit - Impact

The SOA Center of Excellence's teams provide a variety of benefits for our customers; from the easy to use technology tools we are continuously developing, to the expert consulting services that are provided. The center has also adopted an agile management approach to running projects; therefore, as a valued customer you are involved throughout the entire experience. Through our solutions, your company will then see these benefits: